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Welcome to Interior Designs Junkie your interior design lifestyle publication. Your lifestyle and way of living are reflected in your home style. Your home decor and style have a daily effect on your mood and ultimate happiness. The colors, textures, and furniture arrangement of your home influence how you feel and behave – from increasing focus to promoting relaxation to giving you a sense of purpose. A calming, inviting atmosphere in the home can help reduce stress levels, improve productivity and creativity, and even increase healing time for those who are sick or recovering from an injury.

Your home interior design can have a big psychological impact on your well-being. The aesthetic of a home has a profound impact on mental health, providing a sense of order, ease, relaxation, and purpose.

Investing in quality home décor pieces to create an atmosphere that reflects the individual’s style, values and personality can offer comfort, well-being, and serenity throughout the space.

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Welcome to Interior Designs Junkie where we provide a centralized dedicated website to interior design and interior design enthusiasts. IDJ provides you with ultimate interior design ideas and inspiration. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best in interior designs, products, and interior design lifestyle tips.

We hope you enjoy our personalized, original, informative home decor and interior design articles and ideas! If you would like to contribute your designs for placement on one of our portfolio boards please review submission requirements here.

Ultimate Interior Design Ideas

The best interior design for you will depend on your personal style and design goals. Whether you are looking for inspiration, advice, or products, Interior Designs Junkie can help you achieve your desired look.

Interior Designs Junkie is a mix of design news and features on home products and decor. It is a great resource for staying up to date on the latest trends and products in the world of interior design. IDJ features high-end interior design inspiration and design trends. IDJ is a great resource for luxurious and sophisticated design ideas. Design inspo, and home improvement tips with both practical and stylish ideas for large or small spaces. Tips to organize and declutter your spaces and so much more!

Interior design inspiration refers to the ideas, themes, and aesthetic elements that a designer draws upon as they plan and create a space. These ideas can come from a variety of sources, including the preferences of the client, the location of the space, and the designer’s own personal style.

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Not sure where to start? Be the first to check out our eye-opening, extraordinary, and inspiring list “50 Types of Interior Design Styles” to help pin down your personal style and what you want your home style to reflect.

Editors Pick50 Ultimate Interior Design Styles

50 Ultimate Interior Design Styles | There are many great interior design styles each with its own unique look and features. Staying up to date on the latest trends and products in the world of interior design is a great starting point to pin down your own personal design style. We have featured 50 popular types of home decor styles for your viewing pleasure!

Home Decor Mood & Inspiration Boards

Mood boards are visual collages that designers use to communicate and gather ideas for a design project. They typically include images, materials, and other design elements that help convey the overall look and feel of the space being designed. Mood boards can be a helpful tool for designers to use when working with clients, as they allow the designer to present a cohesive vision for the space and gather feedback and input from the client.

Learn how the design process works and how it can work for your home here.

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Portfolio submissions: As always we welcome submissions to our portfolio pages. Please read our Privacy Policy and Site Use information before submitting your mood and inspiration designs. Please note any source credit information you would like included on your actual design – before submission, such as your IG, Pinterest, or other social media handles. Submissions are reviewed by our team of experts and if accepted will be posted to our portfolio pages. Please visit often for updates on portfolio pages.

Please note: Please visit our Privacy Policy page to review copyright information and third party copyright information. Our portfolio pages also include third party content from IDJ affiliate partners, member contributors & brand ambassadors. Before sharing to our portfolio please review our Privacy Policy here. We only accept original works, we respect your copyrights, you should too.

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In conclusion, welcome to IDJ your interior design lifestyle dedicated website. IDJ provides you with ultimate interior design ideas and inspiration. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best in interior designs, products, and interior design lifestyle tips. Follow us on Instagram @interiordesignsjunkie and direct message us with any questions or comments. Shop Coming Soon!

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