Home decor trends for 2023 include creating calming spaces with warm accent hues, natural textures, wood tones, and mid-century modern pieces that blend classic structure with modern simplicity. While other current trends include adding geometrics to your home décor giving it a more art deco vibe.

Matchy, matchy traditional styles have been overtaken by transitional styles which mix traditional and modern elements in a balanced, sophisticated style. Transitional interiors take classic, timeless pieces and use them in unexpected combinations to create an effortless look that is both elegant and livable. Transitional decor enhances the beauty of outdated traditional styles while revitalizing the space with fresh ideas.

These are just a few of the emerging interior design trends as there are many to consider to create your perfect home spaces. We have compiled our favorite top home décor trends for now and the future.

Philosophy and Wellness

Philosophy and Wellness are at the forefront of the 2023 home decor trends.

Philosophy Decor – Philosophy décor is an up-and-coming trend in interior design that follows the philosophy that your home should reflect who you are and should be personalized to include items and colors that represent your personality. This style emphasizes unique touches, such as statement pieces, vintage furniture, eclectic artworks, and colors that reflect your individual tastes. Philosophy décor concepts can be implemented using various elements in the interior space that tie the design together. Document your travels and hobbies as well as other interests in your decor style. This concept is very appealing in general and works especially well in a study, home library, or reading area.

2023 Home Decor Trends
Philosophy Decor

Wall Art Pieces with Meaningful Messages & Quotes – This trend is being fueled by the philosophy décor concept and has grown in popularity in recent years. Wall art gives us a chance to express ourselves within our own homes without having to say anything out loud, allowing us to show what’s meaningful with words that we weren’t always able to express before. Whether it’s an inspirational quote posted prominently on your living room wall or an abstract piece you adore hanging above your couch, wall art not only serves to showcase your personality but also tells others something about you without saying anything at all. Keep it low-key and do not overdo it. You are only suggesting not shouting!

2023 Home Decor Trends
Wall Art Pieces with Meaningful Messages & Quotes

Greenery – Greenery has been a big trend in home décor for some time now and it’s still in full swing. Adding pops of greens to any room can help boost your overall health as research has linked indoor plants to lowered stress levels, increased mental focus, and improved air quality. There are so many different types of house plants out there to choose from like aloe vera, snake plants, and succulents—the options are limitless! Plants can bring so much to any space, making it feel alive while also helping to purify the air. Lots of stores now carry greenery as a permanent feature in their home decor section, so there are plenty of options when it comes to sprucing up your home with some lush touches!

Greenery is here to stay, with leafy plants popping up everywhere from the permanent fixtures of the home décor section to restaurant tables. Having greenery throughout your home can bring so much life and energy into the space, making it fresh and vibrant.

Calming Colors – Creating a calming atmosphere is the key foundation for having wellness-focused home decor which is on trend for the current decade. Colors in the proper proportions go a long way toward creating peace and balance within your home space. Natural or organic colors like light blues, sage greens, off-whites, beiges, or grays offer that feeling of tranquility while complimenting any other pops of color you add to the mix.

Natural Woods – Another popular wellness décor item is the use of natural wood elements throughout your space whether it’s your floors or furniture pieces like end tables and coat racks. Wood particularly has that soft inviting energy that sitting too long indoors can often feel deprived of. Try adding more natural wood elements into your home if you want to bring more Zen into your day-to-day routine!

Aromatherapy Devices (Diffusers) – Adding essential oils via diffusers allows us to further elevate our physical spaces with aromas connected deeply with our emotional states! Home decor trends are all about creating a sense of sanctuary, and one way to do this is through aromatherapy. Diffusing essential oils not only provides a pleasant smell but also evokes certain emotional states. Diffusing essential oils is a great way to promote relaxation and reduce stress levels in the home. Whether it’s calming lavender, invigorating eucalyptus, or uplifting lemon oil, introducing essential oils can help to engender feelings of comfort and clarity. This is incredibly impactful and can bring a feeling of peace and calmness when things get too stressful. Incorporating beeswax candles, aromatic devices, and scent-infused objects are all small touches that have an amazing effect on the overall vibe in your home.

2023 Home Decor Trends
Natural Woods, Sustainability, Serenity, Balance

Natural Home Retreat – Home decor trends for the upcoming years are becoming more mindful with a focus on creating a Natural Home Retreat. To do this, homeowners can incorporate things like installing an indoor fountain, adding natural hardwood flooring, and investing in modern technologies to increase energy efficiency. A small corner garden or Zen-like habitat in your home can give you a feeling of serenity while updating your home décor. Ultimately, the improvements made will depend on personal preferences, household size, and the budget available.

Minimalistic Design & Sustainability – Minimalist sustainable home decoration trends focus on a mindful, conscious design that is also beautiful and stylish. This includes using natural materials such as wood, stone, and jute for furniture, floors, walls, and ceilings. Recycled materials can be incorporated into handmade pieces for a unique look. As for colors, warm earthy tones such as sandy beige or forest green work wonderfully with this aesthetic. Minimalist designs create a sense of serenity and balance in any space and make it easier to keep rooms clean and dust-free. The minimalist design trend has been growing in popularity over the past decade as people look to cut down on clutter and make the most of their space. This involves having fewer furniture pieces with clean lines, opting for monochromatic muted colors or neutrals, and adding texture through accessories such as pillows or rugs instead of ornate wall art pieces or décor items, etc.

Eco-Friendly Materials – As society becomes increasingly conscious of its impact on the environment, more and more people are looking for ways to incorporate eco-friendly materials into their decorating plans. Eco-friendly substances like bamboo, cork, and jute are quickly becoming popular choices for flooring and furniture coverings due to their sustainability and low environmental impact. Natural fiber materials such as wool and organic cotton are becoming increasingly popular for home decor. Recycled metal and glass are also being used in art pieces and lighting. Natural elements like wood, stone, ceramic tiles and cork also bring a cozy warmth to modern spaces. Other green-minded touches can include LED lights, low-VOC paint, energy-efficient appliances, and sustainably harvested furniture.

Multi-Purpose Spaces, Metals, Wall Panels & Floors

Multipurpose spaces, metals, wall panels, and floors continue the 2023 home decor trends.

Multi-purpose Home Spaces – If you’re looking to create an interior space that looks great while also serving multiple purposes then you are already on track with one of the latest hot home decor trends. Bring in nature-inspired furniture and plants to keep your home feeling fresh, use trendy colors like blush pink or terracotta to bring life into the room, and opt for transformable pieces of furniture such as ottomans or daybeds that can easily switch into other forms of seating when needed. An open floor plan allows for flexible seating areas, shelving units, and creative storage solutions. Finally, consider unique wall treatments like wallpaper or mural art that can bring your space to life. With these tips, you’ll have a gorgeous space that can be used for different functions.

mixed metal accents
Mixed Metal Accents

Mixed Metal Accents – One of the hottest home decor trends right now is adding mixed metal accents. Incorporating mixed metals into your home décor is an easy way to instantly elevate your style. The trick is to mix warm and cool finishes such as gold, brushed brass, bronze, polished nickel, and antiqued silver into your interior space. When used thoughtfully, they can work together to create a stylish and timeless look. A few tips to get you started are playing with fixtures, decorative vases, and hardware, sticking to two or three metals max per room, and making sure all your metallics have something distinct in common to unify them. Mixing metals such as chrome, copper, brass, and gold can create an eye-catching effect that will make any room stand out. This can be achieved with furniture, fixtures, accessories, and even wall art. However, it is important not to overdo it. Stick to no more than two or three metals per room so that everything looks unified.

Wall Panels – Wall paneling is making a comeback with so many new materials becoming available. As we mentioned above mixed metal is in and it is being incorporated into wall paneling as well. Metal as an accent wall is a trending home decor element that can add a lot of pizzazz to any space. Think of what you could do with a kid’s room or high-traffic, shared spaces with metal finishes. Metal is easy to clean and can take a lot of abuse.

wall panels and greenery
Wall Panels and Greenery

Online searches for modern wall panels and paneling are increasing daily. Decorative wall panels using modern wall paneling of various materials such as recycled plastics, metals, and wood are expected to come into their own during the current decade. Shaker-style wall panels remain popular as well as other more traditional wall coverings such as wallpaper.

Most of today’s wall paneling and wallpapers are created using recycled materials. You will see more fluted walls, and decorative wall panels both now and in the future. Most are easy to clean and durable. Decorative wall panels are being produced from materials such as wood, glass, fabric, and laminates as well as various forms of metal.

Statement Floors – Metallic floors have been trending for the last few years and can be used to great effect in both modern and traditional spaces. Patterned tile is also popular, with geometric shapes and bold colors making a statement. Even concrete can be taken up a notch with stains and dyes, while epoxy resin offers endless possibilities when it comes to style options. Finally, natural stone or wood options are timeless and make perfect flooring choices. Boldly patterned floors are an excellent way to update the look of any room without breaking the bank. Unless you are planning a total redo make sure you choose a floor that is suitable with existing furniture! It’s best to go for either neutral colors if you already have colorful pieces or go full-on wild if you want to make a real statement in any room! For example: try introducing herringbone hardwood flooring or geometric tiles for a modern chic look.

Gallery Walls, Murals & Fabrics – More 2023 Home Decor Trends

Gallery walls, murals, and fabrics are all important elements in the 2023 home decor trends.

Gallery Walls – A gallery wall is a modern way to display art and create a one-of-a-kind look in your home. It usually consists of several pieces of art hung evenly on the wall in a pattern or design. It can be as simple or complex as you want, depending on your style, and it’s relatively easy to put together. Gallery walls filled with art prints offer an easy way to display favorite artworks in one space without overwhelming your guests. You can mix styles for an eye-catching appeal or print black-and-white photos for that timeless aesthetic vibe. Gallery walls can be made of random prints, photos, and whatnot or they can represent a theme.

gallery walls
Gallery Walls

If you prefer a themed gallery wall it is the perfect way to create an instant style. Gallery walls are a great way to showcase your creativity and style in your home spaces. A themed gallery wall uses artifacts such as photographs, artwork, objects, textiles, and other items that represent a particular theme or idea to create a cohesive design with visual impact. Some popular themes include vintage, retro, tropical, and bohemian. Themed decor often reflects specific cultures, which can offer a unique expression of identity and creativity within your home. Your themed wall art can reflect anything that you are really into and want to express such as hobbies, animals & pets, history, or modern times. Drawing inspiration from art, fashion, travel and even the hues of nature is a great way to produce a unique and interesting wall gallery

Modern Murals and Wall Artwork – Artworks have become increasingly popular because they allow people to express their personal tastes while also creating beautiful visual statements which make them perfect as standalone focal points in any given room within your home. Both modern murals and wall artwork have become an increasingly popular trend in home decor, with homeowners using these creative elements to add a unique touch to their spaces. Whether you want to opt for an oversized abstract painting or a detailed mural, this type of artwork can be used to make a statement or add an interesting feature to any room.

graphic wall art
Modern Graphic Wall Art

From geometric patterns and mosaics that evoke traditional cultures to nature-inspired scenes and contemporary art, modern murals, and wall are great ways to stand out in today’s interiors. Instead of choosing generic posters of great works found elsewhere opt instead for more original artwork pieces like modern graphics paintings or postmodern graffiti mural artworks. Home decor featuring abstract and nature-inspired wall art as well as, modern murals and vibrant hues of color create a positive energy in your home. Whether it is a simple piece of art or a more intricate mural, this type of decor can really spice up your living space.

Velvet upholstery – Luxurious velvet material is making a comeback. Velvet is a major trend right now in home decor. Rich and luxurious, velvet is soft to the touch and adds texture and depth to any space. Whether it’s added as a feature wall or used on furniture and pillows, it adds just the right amount of sophistication to any room. Done right, velvet upholstery will fully transform each piece of plain furniture into an elegant statement piece, plus it feels super comfortable. Be bold by experimenting with different shapes such as chairs or sofas that feature circular shaped legs paired with deep jewel tone colors like emerald green and sapphire blue—it’ll be sure to stand out wherever you place them!

Fabrics & Textiles – Textiles and fabrics can have a BIG impact on the overall look and feel of a room. They can add texture, color, pattern, warmth, and visual balance to a space. For example, velvet or felt upholstery can add both sophistication and comfort to a living space, while lighter fabrics such as linen and cotton bring in more vibrancy and energy. Fabrics also help create focal points. When used in combination with other elements like colors or textures, they can make spaces more visually interesting. Comfortable spaces within your home that utilize fabrics and textiles can play an integral part in how (and to what degree) we experience an added sense of relaxation or well-being! Adding items like faux fur rugs, boho wall tapestry blankets or cushi0ons have helped enhance not just aesthetics value but overall comfortability as well for homeowners looking for new ways to promote their own serenity from the household environment.

Fabric, Velvet, Natural Textiles

In addition, Natural textiles such as wool, cotton, jute, and linen are also becoming more popular for their lightweight breathability that adds comfort without sacrificing style. These fabrics are stylish yet classic, making them great staples throughout any room in your house. For extra texture and personality, try pairing natural fabrics with other materials like leather or faux fur.

Decorative Benches, Geometrics, and Statement Pieces

Decorative benches, geometrics, and statement pieces all have a place in the 2023 home decor trends.

Decorative Benches – Have some fun with one of the latest trends in furniture. Dining benches are seeing a rebirth in interior designs as well as bedroom benches. Try incorporating some fun dining benches into your interior spaces. An industrial steel slat park bench in a great green color for your dining area or a velvet upholstered ottoman base with a metal base for the bedroom make some great additions that are right on trend. Upholstered entryway benches, upholstered dining settees, and live-edge dining benches are all the rage for this year and beyond. Finding a new use for an old piece of furniture can make great seating for dining or seating for the foot of your bed. Storage benches that double as seating are a great addition to any household or try putting an old dining bench at the foot of your bed for convenience and additional seating.

Bold Geometric Forms – Bold geometric forms are becoming a popular way to create drama and design interest in home decor. This technique can be used to modernize an interior, introduce color, and spruce up a space. Look for throws, rugs, and artwork featuring bold shapes and colors that complement each other. Utilizing these accents will help you incorporate this trend into your home. Geometry is a big part of modern interior design trends, from bold geometric forms seen in accent walls or tiling patterns to softer curves found in furniture pieces. This style offers something unique and eye-catching that goes beyond traditional designs. Molded chairs with curved arms to unique fireplaces made up of circular shapes layered one on top of another are all design techniques where geometry can bring a modern edge to any home décor setup.

Geometrics and statement pieces
Bold Geometrics and Statement Furniture

Statement Furniture Pieces – Statement furniture pieces are taking top priority lately with modern homeowners who want something fresh yet timeless for their decorating needs. Statement sofas adorned with graphic accents and intricate designs offer unbeatable elegance that elevates any décor setup instantly. Statement furniture can consist of pieces of furniture that are larger, bolder, and brighter than the rest of your decor. Popular statement furniture pieces include velvet sofas, fur ottomans, and metal shelving units.

Smart Homes & Lighting

Smart homes and lighting are paving the way for 2023 home decor trends and beyond!

Smart home – Smart home technology is becoming more and more popular in the world of home décor, as it allows for a wide variety of customizable features. From sensors that turn lights on and off, to water leak detectors, and smart thermostats that keep your home at just the right temperature – integrating high-tech features into your décor can help make life more convenient.

Smart Lighting – Lighting plays one of the biggest roles in helping create each space within a residence but even beyond creating visual illusions with light adjustments and setting different moods at varying times throughout the day—there have been recent studies indicating how smart lighting through LED technologies can improve our overall productivity and circadian rhythms. Lighting has gone through a renaissance of sorts during the last decade. That’s why investing in fixtures that quickly adjust to dimmer settings when desired is a great step towards achieving more holistic comfort within the home environment!

smart lighting
Modern Lighting

Comprehensive Lighting Solutions – Lighting plays a key role when it comes to setting a mood within any room–from bright white lights used during the day for productivity purposes to dimmer yellow tones at night promoting relaxation–there is no denying how important lighting is when it comes to creating the perfect ambiance! That said–modern lighting solutions have come relatively far in recent years – with LED lighting taking center stage offering mood-altering capabilities controlled by smartphone apps as well as advanced tracking features.

In Conclusion, 2023 Home Decor Trends and Beyond

In conclusion, 2023 home decor trends continue to evolve. Many past trends will be at the forefront of interior designs for 2023 such as dining room benches and wall coverings including wall paneling. Smart home technology is fueling the direction of interior design in ways we can only imagine. Who knows what the future holds? Mankind seems to create its own future and is only limited by the ability to imagine and dream.

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What are wall panels in home décor?

Wall panels are used in interior design and home decor to create an eye-catching visual feature in a room. They come in a variety of materials, colors, and textures that can be customized to match any space. Wall panels are commonly used for accent walls, or for statement pieces such as wainscoting or picture frames. They can also be used on the entire wall to create an interesting texture and look.