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Barbiecore, a popular fashion and decor aesthetic, embraces femininity and playfulness. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Barbie doll, Barbiecore is known for its vibrant pink colors, pastels, and a hint of sparkle. This trend has gained momentum thanks to the influence of social media influencers and celebrities who have embraced the Barbiecore style. If you’re looking to incorporate Barbiecore into your wardrobe or home decor, you can find a wide range of Barbiecore-inspired products on Amazon.

Barbiecore home décor is a design style that has been newly inspired by the Barbie movie, characterized by its emphasis on sparkle, bling, neon colors, fuchsia, bubble gum pink, and heart-shaped products. It incorporates elements such as mirrored jeweled furniture, disco balls, and a retro cowboy and cowgirl aesthetic.

Maybe your Barbiecore style is Feminine, Maximalist, Mod Retro, Glam, or an eclectic mix of all the Barbiecore themes and styles. You can stylize your Barbiecore spaces on your personal aesthetic and inner Barbie with these great Amazon picks!

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Perhaps you want items for a particular space such as a dorm room or kitchen. We found the best of the best Barbiecore-style items for those spaces as well!

Our Favorite Barbiecore Found It On Amazon Shopping Items

Feminine Barbiecore Amazon Picks

Feminine Barbiecore embraces sweetness and romance. Feminine accent pieces fluffy floral pillows and rugs, crystal chandeliers, frilly curtains, floral patterns, and vintage-inspired furniture. Additional items could include floral wallpaper, vintage Barbie dolls as decor, and girly accessories like bows and ribbons.

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floral throw pillow

Romantic Love Satin Rose

Throw PillowsAmazon


Wave-Shaped Pink

Acrylic VaseAmazon

Duvet Set

Duvet Cover With Ruffle

Edge Corners

and 2 Pillowcases – Amazon

throw pillow

Pink Lips French Kiss

Throw Pillow Cover – Amazon


Modern Murano Glass

Sputnik Chandelier – Amazon

Romantic Feather

Floor Lamp – Amazon

Amazon Barbiecore Retro Picks

Mod Retro Barbiecore is true to the original Barbie doll era. Retro Barbiecore interior design is a nostalgic and playful style that takes inspiration from the iconic Barbie dolls of the past. It incorporates bold colors, kitschy accessories, and vintage furniture to create a whimsical and feminine aesthetic. This trend celebrates femininity, nostalgia, and adds a touch of fun and glamour to any space.


Retro Hot Pink

Apron Amazon

shag rug

Ultra Soft Shag


window curtains

Pop Art Retro Pattern

Window Curtains Amazon

Throw Pillow

Hot Pink Orange Red

Daisy Throw PillowAmazon

Pin Up

Pop Art Retro Doll

Pin UpAmazon

Crosley Cruiser Deluxe

Vintage 3-Speed

Bluetooth Vinyl

Record Player Turntable


Glam Barbiecore Amazon Picks

Are you a fan of all things glamorous and luxurious? Then the Glam Barbiecore design trend might be perfect for you. Both glamorous and luxurious this aesthetic is perfect for your inner star. Get ready to live like a modern-day Barbie in your own stylish and lavish space!

Accent Chair

Square Velvet Accent Chair

Golden Metal Leg – Amazon

coffee table

Modway Lippa Mid-Century

Modern 36″ Round Coffee Table

White Top & Gold Base


writing desk

Riverbay Furniture

Writing DeskAmazon

Modern Velvet
Dining Chairs

Modern Velvet

Dining Chairs


Modway Tupelo Round

Modway Tupelo Round

36″ Dining TableAmazon

luxury shower curtain

Luxury Shower

Curtain Set Amazon

Maximalist Barbiecore Amazon Picks

To achieve a Barbiecore maximalist-inspired home decor, embrace vibrant and bold colors like pinks, purples, and blues. Create a playful and eye-catching color palette by mixing and matching patterns and textures for a bold and eclectic look. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your decor choices!

Hot Pink Leopard Doormat

Hot Pink Leopard


Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Velvet Lip


Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Disco Wall

Art – Amazon

Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Red and Pink Leopard

Print Throw Pillow


Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Disco Ball

Planter Amazon

Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Wavy Rainbow Vanity

Mirror – Amazon

Dorm Room

Barbiecore home decor has gained popularity as a trending style aesthetic, inspired by the upcoming live-action Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and directed by Greta Gerwig. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your dorm room, check out these Barbiecore ideas!

Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Large College Dorm


Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Fuschia Knot Throw


Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Fun Wall Art Sign, Parking

Sign, etcAmazon

Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Luxury Shag Area


Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Pink Acrylic End or

Side Table – Amazon

Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Small Desk or Bedside

Table Lamp – Amazon

Kitchen & Bath

Barbiecore, a popular style aesthetic, is all about embracing colors. To incorporate this trend into your home decor, consider adding hot pink towels or a cherry blossom bathmat to your bathroom. Your kitchen will thank you for these mint green complimentary colors to enhance your overall look. These bold and playful accents will instantly bring a touch of Barbiecore to your space.

Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Micro-Pop Microwave

Popcorn PopperAmazon

cutlery set

A perfect compliment

to pink – mint green!

Mint Green and Gold

Cutlery SetAmazon

Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Pink Acrylic Stacking

Chairs – Amazon

mint green kitchen cupboard

Mint Green Kitchen


Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Retro Pink Electric

Stand MixerAmazon

Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Pink Salt and Pepper

Shaker Set – Amazon

accent chair

Mid-Century Dining

Accent ChairAmazon

Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Washable Hot Pink

Flower Rug – Amazon

Barbiecore Found It On Amazon

Folding Step

Stool – Amazon


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