Popular Metallic Finishes for Home

Popular metallic finishes for home hardware can lend that perfect finishing touch to any space. Decorate smarter, not harder. Discover the power of metal finishes and learn how they can transform any room into something special.

Instantly add texture and interest to a room with the right combination of metal finishes. Whether you choose brass, silver, gold, or copper, metal decorations are an easy way to create a polished look while also adding warmth and character. Find out how to incorporate metals into your design scheme and transform any room in your home.

A Guide to Enhancing Spaces with Metal Finishes

Ornamental & Decorative Metal Finishes

Metal finishes come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used to upgrade any space. Ornamental metals, such as brass and bronze, can be used for elaborate decoration on walls or in focal points, while decorative metals can add an interesting accent to a room. Consider incorporating metal finishes into furniture pieces or lighting fixtures to create a modern look that will dazzle your guests.

Popular Metallic Finishes for Home
Popular Metallic Finishes for HomePopular Metallic Finishes for Home

Some of the following require expert applications and techniques and are not recommended for DIY applications.

You can actually have your existing hardware such as cabinet pulls, towel holders, cabinet knobs, and lighting fixtures, as well as other hardware or metal decor pieces professionally refinished. Simply remove them and take them to your local metal worker.

If you are a DIY’er (see DIY section here) then purchase a kit from your local home improvement store and do it yourself. However, be aware that some finishes will need to be done by experts!

How to add Ornamental & Decorative Metal Finishes to your home décor:

Powder coating is a great way to add ornamental metal finishes to your home decor. This process uses a powder that contains a pigment and resin, which is applied electrostatically and then cured under high heat. The finish provides protection from corrosion and abrasion, as well as long-term durability. It can be used on items like grills, fencing, patio furniture, accessories, and more.

Galvanizing is a popular process that takes standard metals through multiple steps of applying a zinc coating over the surface of the metal item. This not only increases its resistance to rust but also gives it a more decorative look with an aesthetically pleasing aesthetic value. Items like wall art, planters, railings, and other outdoor furniture can be given an extra layer of protection through galvanizing.

Brushed finishes are ideal for adding texture and depth to your decorative pieces to give them character and charm in your home decor. It involves using hand-held brushes or abrasives on different types of materials such as brass and stainless steel for a unique finish with subtle strokes. This detail will add just the right amount of style, sophistication, and elegance to any room in your house!

Hard anodization is becoming an increasingly popular option when it comes to adding decorative metal finishes to interior decorations or exterior architecture designs or pieces around the home. Anodization adds color, strength, and wear resistance to aluminum items while creating an attractive metallic finish that lasts much longer than most other finishes out there – perfect for outdoor items like fencing or windows & doors!

Antique Finish – If you’re looking for something truly unique in terms of adding ornamental metal finishes to your home décor, then going with an antique finish may be the perfect choice for you! Antique patinas can easily be achieved on sheet metals by either hand finishing (which requires quite some skill) or chemical treatments (easier). The colors range from bronze and browns all the way up to blues & blacks for more dramatic effects.

Polished metals are another great option when it comes to adding decorative elements around your home décor without compromising overall design appeal or integrity over time! They provide a perfect combination of shiny classiness with LED lighting effects when light shines through them which instantly adds vibrancy into any room they inhabit!

Airbrushing Finishes – Last but certainly not least – airbrushing could very well be one of the best ways you can acquire ornamental metal finishes if you don’t mind getting creative yourself! You would need some sort of compressed air gun plus specialized paints/sealants (or pigments) but once you get proficient at this technique you’ll have no trouble adding fine details into specific areas or surfaces anywhere in or around your house. Create awesome metallic finishes for hardware and other surfaces. This process can also be used on furniture for a beautiful high gloss finish.

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Antique & Distressed Metal Finishes

Create a vintage feel with antique and distressed metal finishes. When used with carefully chosen furniture, rugs, and décor pieces, antique metals can lift a room and give it an aged appearance that will leave a lasting impression. Distressed metal finishes are also great for creating an authentic, lived-in look in any space. To really bring out the character of a piece, combine these types of metal finishes with natural elements such as wood or stone to create depth and texture.

Popular Metallic Finishes for Home
Popular Metallic Finishes for Home

Where to find distressed and vintage home decor hardware:

Online auctions are a great place to find vintage and distressed metal finishes for your home décor. Whether you’re looking for decorative accents like wall frames, light fixtures, or furniture pieces, online auctions offer a wide variety of offerings from antique dealers, private sellers, and more. Plus, there are often attractive discounts on distressed pieces that are just waiting to be snatched up.

Flea markets can be an excellent source when looking for unique distressed metal pieces. Flea markets usually attract local vendors or artisans who specialize in re-purposing items with a worn look and feel. Be sure to inspect each piece carefully before buying to make sure the patina is authentic and not pre-manufactured distressed.

Antique stores carry rare finds with distinctive designs that you won’t find anywhere else. This also makes them a great destination for sourcing some special distressed home decor pieces as well! When selecting items at an antique store, focus on quality and craftsmanship rather than age; try to find pieces that have both beauty and character due to their wear and tear over the years and experiment with combining them with new elements in your space for a more eclectic look.

Thrift stores tend to stock unique items at surprisingly low prices, including distressed metal wares such as hanging lampshades, clocks, vases, trays, etc., which can help give an old-world appeal even when used in modern settings. Make sure to check out thrift stores near your area from time to time–you never know what hidden treasures you may stumble upon!

Handcrafted Pieces – If you’re feeling creative and want something special, think about investing in some handcrafted works such as tables or chairs made by local artisans who can create custom pieces featuring beautiful weathered steel finishes tailored according to your preferences. You might even be able to work out a discount if they offer multiple pieces or discounts for bulk orders! Check out websites like Etsy and 1st Dibbs, online for custom and vintage items.

Salvage yards can prove to be invaluable resources when it comes to finding long-lasting rustic looks with genuine patinas; these places will quickly become treasure troves full of one-of-a-kind industrial décor suitable for adding an authentic accent into any stylishly decorated space as either true “upcycled” antiques or cleverly modernized interpretations of current trends within home decorating styles now available today!

Farmhouse and Industrial-style hardware make a statement without sacrificing any comfort or elegance. Farmhouse and Industrial Style furniture is becoming more popular by the day because of the natural warmth it brings into any room. Accent side tables crafted from reclaimed wood featuring smooth curves complemented with copper handles painted in matte black make for tasteful statement pieces. Farmhouse and industrial-style hardware and furnishings make perfect additions to add some rustic charm mixed in with modernist touches. These are both highly popular, favored styles within home decor trends worldwide today!

Popular Metallic Finishes for Home
Farmhouse and Industrial-style Hardware

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Textured Metal Finishes

Textured metal finishes are perfect for creating a sense of movement, or providing an intriguing contrast when combining different materials. With a range of embossed and satin patterned surfaces available, you can bring the look and feel of your interior space to life. Textured metals are also great for disguising imperfections and hiding scuffs, making them ideal for areas with high traffic.

Glossy & High Shine Metal Finishes

Glossy and high-shine metal finishes bring an eye-catching brilliance to any room. Generally speaking, shiny surfaces are more reflective in nature, which can result in the illusion of more space. This is especially useful if you are trying to maximize a small space. Glossy and high-sheen finishes provide people with a sense of luxury, so they make an excellent choice for projects where the design has been well thought out and crafted with finesse.

Dull & Matte Metal Finishes

Dull and matte metal finishes can add a sophisticated touch to any space. In contrast to shiny surfaces, dull metals appear more muted and subtle in nature. This makes the finish more subtle, which allows it to blend more easily into any existing design or decor. Matte metal finishes are great for emphasizing natural light when used on fixtures or accents in kitchens or bathrooms. Ultimately, metal finishes come in many variations that range from glossy to matte, so be sure to choose the one that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

Popular Metallic Finishes for Home
Popular Metallic Finishes for Home

Some DIY processes and products to consider for creating a distinct finish to your home hardware are:

Hammered Metal Finish – A hammered metal finish is an attractive, rustic look that adds texture and visual interest to any home hardware project. To accomplish this, start by spraying the hardware with a rust-preventative primer, then apply a metallic spray paint color. Use a rubber mallet or hammer to hit the hardware from different directions until you achieve the desired appearance of hammered metal.

Metallic Patina Finish – To give your home hardware pieces a unique vintage-style patina finish, start by sanding them down and then lightly cleaning them with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar. Use acrylic paint in gold or silver hue as a base coat and allow it to dry before applying layers of antiquing glaze with clean rags and various patina solutions like liver of sulfur in shades of brown, green, blue, and black for depth and character.

Gilded Finishes – Gilding is an ornamental technique using gold leaf with real sheets of 24k gold which when applied over a surface and can mimic the look of solid gold without the expense. This will give your hardware pieces a luxury look without breaking the bank! Then use a lint-free fabric to wipe down your hardware pieces before cutting small chunks (around 3/8th inch wide) of 24k gold leaf and carefully apply them directly onto the surface by hand with small brush strokes until coverage is even and exactly how you want it to appear on your finished product.

DIY processes
Some DIY Processes

Steel Wool Finish – This type of finish gives your home hardware pieces an aged “worn” look that has been around since medieval times!

1. Gather Supplies – Before starting any project, it’s important to make sure you have all the necessary supplies and tools. For a steel wool finish, you will need steel wool, paint remover, liquid detergent, bleach, rags, and gloves.

2. Work in a Well-Ventilated Space! When refinishing home hardware, it is important to ensure that you are working in a well-ventilated space. Without proper ventilation, fumes from the hardener and paint stripper can be dangerous to your health. Make sure that you set up fans and open doors and windows before beginning any refinishing work. Outdoors might be a better choice weather permitting.

3. Prepare Surface – Remove any existing paint or varnish from the piece of hardware using paint remover and sandpaper if necessary. This is an essential step as it will ensure that your painted surface is even and smooth before you apply your new finish.

4. Apply Liquid Detergent – Using a rag soaked in liquid detergent solution rub the entire surface of the hardware evenly for about 2 minutes to help the steel wool stick better when applied later on. Once completed rinse off with warm water and make sure all traces of detergent are washed away before proceeding.

5. Apply Steel Wool – Using steel wool grade 0000 or finer, rub in a circular motion to create an even layer across the entire surface of the hardware until desired look is achieved – this could take up to 15 minutes depending on how dense you would like the finish to be. Aluminum 0000-grade steel wool can also be used for a green patina look instead of gray but keep in mind that both finishes come out very different on brass or copper pieces depending on what combination you use from start to finish!

6. Rinse with Bleach Mixture – Mix equal parts bleach and water into a bucket large enough for your piece of hardware and mix together until combined thoroughly then submerge the entire piece into this solution for 1-2 minutes making sure no air bubbles remain around it. Make sure not to leave it longer than 3 minutes as this can damage some surfaces! After done remove from the bowl quickly then rinse off immediately with clean running warm water afterward ensuring that all traces of bleach residue are eliminated completely so as not to cause any discolorations or markings when drying out later on in its life which might alter how beautiful it looks overall over time…

7. Dry Thoroughly and Buff Surface – Allow the piece to dry completely before buffing with a soft cloth – this helps bring out its best shine once done! You may also want to apply beeswax or furniture wax after this process for extra protection if desired too since these items help protect against dirt buildup on surfaces while giving them more shine than ever before…

8. Apply Finish Coat & Admire Your Work! Once everything else is completed apply one final thin coat of sealant over top; this adds an extra protective layer that ensures nothing chips away prematurely. Keeping moisture out while allowing breathing room between painted layers at all times. This protects the finished product from becoming weathered-looking. Voilà – you have a beautiful aged patina appearing over the top of the original metal details, giving any home project new life just like magic!

Popular Metallic Finishes for Home
Popular Metallic Finishes for Home

In Conclusion, Popular Metallic Finishes for Home

There are a variety of metallic home hardware finishes, including bronze, brass, copper, nickel, and chrome. Bronze is one of the most popular finishes due to the rustic elegance it adds to any room. Brass has a classic look and is often used for cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, as well as door handles. Copper finishes add warmth and sophistication, while nickel offers a modern look that pairs beautifully with stainless steel appliances. Chrome has a sleek finish that is perfect for decorative lighting fixtures.

When refinishing home hardware, it is important to ensure that you are working in a well-ventilated space. Without proper ventilation, fumes from the hardener and paint stripper can be dangerous to your health. Make sure that you set up fans and open doors and windows before beginning any refinishing work. Check out our mood & inspiration boards for more design ideas!

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What are some popular metallic finishes for home hardware?

Metallic finishes are becoming increasingly popular in home hardware and design, whether it be in the form of door handles, cabinet pulls, or bathroom fixtures. Some popular finishes include brass, bronze, copper, and nickel. These finishes can bring a modern touch to any space and help elevate your interiors with a chic yet timeless appearance.